Rendez-vous 2015


Do I absolutely have to ride for twelve hours?
No, it is up to each individual motorcyclist the amount of time they are comfortable riding. However, not using the allotted 12 hours means that you will accumulate fewer points and you will reduce your chances of a podium finish.

Is the rally a race on the open road?
No, the concept is not to be the first to finish. On the contrary, there is a great deal of emphasis put on safety (the public's as well as each individual participant's).

Does one need a minimum of experience to participate?
The Rendez-vous rally is open to all motorcyclists. However, it is preferable to be very comfortable and at ease with your motorcycle since the rally will be held regardless of weather (good or bad) and the Rallymasters can suggest bonus locations on any type of highway (asphalt, gravel, mountain road, etc).

I don't speak French...can I still participate in the rally?
Yes. Contrary to popular belief / media reports / comic strips, we are a welcoming people. There are even some people (like the Rallymaster) who are born in Québec and whose maternal language is English. Most of the population can communicate in at least some form of very basic English. The closer you are to the border, generally the higher the percentage of bilingualism.

Do I need a camera (or "Is this a "photo bonus" rally")?
It is now... When we created the Rendez-Vous Rally in 2007, «photo bonus» rallies required a Polaroid camera. Since that time, a digital wave has washed over the rally scene and some rallies now forbid the venerable Polaroid. It is suggested that you read the rules in order to comprehend what is required.

Is any brand of motorcycle accepted?
The Rendez-vous rally is open to any brand of motorcycle.

Does my motorcycle have to be modified or have any special equipment?
No special equipment is required. The organizers will not perform a technical inspection. However, for your safety and that of the other participants, it is your responsibility to have a bike in good running order, tires in good condition and basic equipment in the event of an emergency (water, flashlight, tools, first aid kit).

Do I need a GPS to take part?
No. However, a good sense of direction as well as an ability to read a roadmap is strongly suggested. A GPS (if one knows how to use it very well) can help you in the management of your time.

What must I present at check-in?
The organizers will ask to see your driver's license (with class 6A or motorcycle endorsement), a photocopy of proof of insurance for your motorcycle, the technical inspection/emergency contact form. You will also be required to sign the Rally waiver form and we will test your camera (so bring it with you!!).

Are there other items which you suggest bringing?
Pen, roadmaps (Quebec and Vermont and maybe others), proper motorcycle safety clothing, warm clothing, rain suit, sun lotion, water and most importantly, a good attitude.

Is there a maximum number of participants?
Yes. The maximum number is 50. Only the participants who will have sent their registration form and fees (must be received on or before August 15th, 2015) will have a reserved place. An e-mail confirmation of receipt will be sent to each participant.

Can a friend and I participate together and ride the same route?
Yes, but each person must be registered to participate in the rally and must have completed all the necessary forms and paid all fees (according to the rules, any assistance provided by a person who is not registered with the rally is regarded as cheating and can result in the disqualification of the participant).

Does the rally take place regardless of the weather?

Can we be two-up on the bike?

What happens if I arrive after the arrival checkpoint window is closed?
The participant will be time-barred and receive a «DNF».

I have never participated in this type of rally before. How should I prepare and where can I start learning about long-distance rallying?
You can start by consulting the Iron Butt Association’s Archive of Wisdom (otherwise known as 28 LD riding tips). You should also read this website in its entirety, as well as follow all the links provided. You may want to consult other LD rally websites. You are also encouraged to ask questions. There is no such thing as a stupid question. You can also never be too prepared.