Rendez-vous 2015

General Information

The Rendez-vous rally is a 12-hour rally open to all motorcyclists who like to ride long distances or willing to try something different. The best long distance (LD) rallies allow the participants to see interesting places and hang out with riders who not only enjoy a long day in the saddle but share their fascination with like-minded riders. The Rendez-vous rally is designed with the new rally rider in mind; however, the Rallymasters have plenty of tricks up their sleeves to challenge the seasoned veteran as well.

An LD rally can last anywhere between 12 hours and several days. Most LD rallies take place over the course of a weekend. A novice should generally initiate themselves with a shorter (i.e. 12-hour) rally before stepping up to a longer rally. For those that are familiar with the Iron Butt Association and the Iron Butt Rally Rendez-vous 2015 is a rally in the «traditional» format. Rally participants will have to plan and ride their own route, based on the bonus locations provided by the Rallymasters, and it is the rider who has accumulated the most points, not necessarily the rider who has ridden the longest distance, that will be declared the winner.

Ultimately this comes down to (a) visiting the most [high value] locations per unit of time riding and (b) your time in motion as a percentage of overall riding time allowed. So Rider A can achieve the same point score as Rider B even though Rider B ran 15 km/h faster on average when rolling. But Rider B was slow at gas stops, took more time to rest, and had a less efficient route.

Bonus locations will be sent via e-mail to participants approximately one week prior to the event. This information will include the location of the bonus and the point value. Specific instructions on how to collect each bonus will be included in the rally book which will be distributed at the mandatory riders meeting on Friday evening, September 11th, 2015.

Rallymasters like to point out that reading comprehension is of the utmost importance.

Riders can expect that about half of the bonus locations will be located on the Canadian side of the border, and half on the U.S. side. Crossing an international border can be an additional challenge... done properly, it only takes a few minutes, but it can also take much, much longer if you are ill-prepared or do not follow instructions (much like our rally). Here is an example of how NOT to do it...

The Rallymaster suggests that you consult our FAQ and Rules section. If it is being suggested, it might be a good idea to do it.