Rendez-vous 2015


The Rendez-vous rally acknowledges Team Strange and thanks them for permission to use their rules with modifications as required to meet the needs of the Rendez-vous rally.


  1. Must be currently registered and have a valid motorcycle license plate in place. Proof of registration will be required.
  2. Must be insured. Participants must carry liability coverage of at least $100,000 per person/$300,000 per accident (U.S.). Participants must present proof of insurance and liability limits, in the form of an original Proof of Insurance Card from your insurance company or the Declarations Sheet (photocopies accepted) of the policy itself. You will need to prove the coverage level of the insurance upon check-in.
  3. Although no formal noise testing will be conducted, riders are reminded that the rally depends on good relations with the businesses and communities that are exposed to our event. Motorcycles that exceed an acceptable level of exhaust noise will be barred from participating in the Rendez-vous rally. An "acceptable level" is left to the discretion of the Rallymasters and their baffle checker (don't ask).
  4. Rider must hold a valid driver's license, with valid motorcycle endorsement.
  5. DOT or Snell approved helmet use required for all riders and passengers while participating in the Rendez-vous rally (regardless of local laws).
  6. Signed Self-inspection / Emergency POC form and waiver release form must be completed and turned in at initial check-in. Both forms must be signed and returned before riders will be issued any rally documents (i.e. rally book and/or rally towel).
  7. The Rendez-vous rally is designed to be a test of rider and machine. Swapping motorcycles during the rally will cause the competitor to lose ten thousand (10,000) points.
  8. If you wish to collect bonus points, your odometer must remain functional. If it fails, call the Rallymasters (telephone numbers will be provided in the rally book) or you may no longer collect bonus points until it is repaired. Documentation of the failure and repair will be required.
  9. Motorcycle must comply with all applicable Federal and Provincial or State requirements.
  10. Failure to complete check in procedures (including but not limited to mileage check, tech inspection, and completion of rally paperwork) prior to established deadlines will result in a DNS (did not start) for the rider, and will be deemed a withdrawal from the event. In such event, no refund of entry fees will be made.
  11. Motorcycle must arrive at all checkpoints and/or finish under its own power. Example: Your motorcycle breaks down 30 miles from the checkpoint or finish line. You and your motorcycle are transported to the checkpoint/finish line by means other than your motorcycle. You must return to the point of breakdown, and then ride to the checkpoint/finish line.


  1. An auxiliary fuel system is not required.
  2. In the event a fuel log is required, all riders will be obligated to fill one out to earn corresponding gas bonus.
  3. Auxiliary tank must be mounted in a secure manner, no movement allowed, no bungee or shock cord allowed. USE OF GAS CANS/CONTAINERS IS PROHIBITED. Our intention is to allow the use of a safe, permanently mounted fuel cell, or safe main tank expansion. The use of gas cans, bottles or carriers is not allowed.
  4. Overall capacity is limited to eleven and one-half (11.5) U.S. gallons (43.5 litres).


  1. Riders are expected to act in a sportsman-like fashion at all times before, during and after the rally.
  2. Any attempt at cheating, even to the degree that you do not understand the rules, can result in penalties up to immediate disqualification.
  3. Once the rally starts, riders shall not accept or receive assistance from other persons not riding in the rally in planning their route or obtaining bonus locations.
  4. In order to claim points for a bonus location, riders must first have actually traveled to that location. Often, a photo or a question is used to verify a rider's presence at a specified location. In order to earn points, riders must both travel to the specified location and take the correct photo or acceptably answer the question. Riders are expected to travel to the exact location specified in the bonus instructions.
  5. Bonus points must be claimed. Once your rally book is submitted to the judges for scoring, you will not be permitted to claim bonuses or make any additional entries in the rally book. Example: a bonus requires you to note the name of the river crossing Hwy. A at mile marker 103. You mentally note the name of the river but forget to write it down in your rally book. Halfway through the scoring of your rally book, you remember your error. Because you did not record the answer in your rally book, you did not claim the bonus, and will not be awarded the points.
  6. During the event, riders may not travel with persons not entered in the event. This includes, but is not limited to, non-participants following in a car, riding along on another motorcycle or as a passenger on your motorcycle.
  7. Rules regarding rider conduct apply to conduct prior to the start of the rally, during the rally and after the rally has ended without time limit. Should we find several years later about any acts compromising the rally, we reserve the right to change rally results and remove your name from all records relating to your finishing position including all published stories about the rally within our control.
  8. Riders will be held accountable and responsible for the actions of persons associated with the rider even if those persons are not participating in the rally. A violation of these rules by a person or group associated with a rider will be treated the same as if the rider personally violated the rules.
  9. Wheelies, burnouts, "rev-tuning" and other similar conduct by a rider or a guest of a rider will result in immediate disqualification of the rider and guest(s) from the present rally and any future rallies organized by the Rendez-vous Rallymasters. Your name will also be distributed to other Rallymasters for them to determine your fate for registration in their events.
    • Failure to render aid to a participant or the public under emergency or life threatening conditions.
    • Violation of any of the rules set forth herein.
    • Rendez-vous is a rally, not a race. Excessive speeding will not be tolerated. RIDERS WILL BE DISQUALIFIED FOR RECKLESS RIDING OR EXCESSIVE SPEED.
    • Acts that discredit the organizers or the sport of motorcycle endurance rallying including but not limited to damaging motel rooms, non-payment of repair or motel bills, and acts that result in negative publicity or image for the rally, such as littering at bonus locations and checkpoints.
    • Acts that endanger the general public, spectators or participants.
    • Discourtesy to check point workers, staff, sponsors or other participants. Please remember that the rally staff is composed entirely of volunteers.
    • Excessive citations or gross misconduct.
    • Defacing, damaging or otherwise tampering with any rally-related item, including but not limited to removing a road sign or altering any identification related item, such as a rider's rally towel.
    • Carrying more than the specified limit of gasoline at any time during the rally.
    • Having someone pick-up or otherwise help obtain a bonus except as specifically provided for by the Rallymasters.
    • Failing to notify the Rallymasters in a timely manner of your inability to make the finish line/checkpoint on time.


  1. Riders will be provided with a rally book with a list of bonus locations. Riders will be advised as to the number of pages comprising the rally book. It is the rider's responsibility to insure that he has all pages of the rally book before leaving the starting line. Riders are encouraged to ask about any last minute changes or corrections to the rally book.
  2. The rally book will allow riders to note information about specific bonuses listed. Riders will only be provided with one copy of the rally book. Lost rally books will not be replaced.
  3. Rally books are considered the property of the Rendez-vous rally, and will not be returned to riders after submission for scoring. Retention, copying or distribution of bonus lists without the express permission of the Rallymasters will subject the rider to penalties up to and including disqualification.
  4. Occasionally, riders may be asked to verify their presence at a bonus location by photographing the location and/or purchasing an item at the location. These photographs and/or items will be turned in to the scoring judges at the finish area. These items become the property of the Rendez-vous rally. These items will not be returned to you. If you want one for yourself, buy two.
  5. The Rendez-vous rally is not a "pure" scavenger hunt. Example: The bonus requires you to obtain a gaming chip from the Montreal Casino. The clear intention of the bonus is for the rider to travel to the Montreal Casino and purchase the chip. Do not stop at a gas station and ask customers if they have such a chip. This is considered cheating and you will be disqualified, without a refund.
  6. If there are time restrictions on a bonus, it is YOUR responsibility to insure that the time on the receipt you obtain for proof is correct and within the guidelines given. Unless the bonus listing says otherwise, we will allow a reasonable variance [5 minutes in most cases] with the time.
  7. Always make sure that each receipt is readable.
  8. All receipts that are submitted as a bonus item must contain the DATE, TIME, and LOCATION. In addition, all gas receipts must show LITRES or GALLONS PURCHASED.
  9. All answers must be submitted on the answer sheet provided in the rally book. Information is to be provided in its entirety. If the answer to a question is "Sen. John M. Smith", do not put "John Smith" or "J.M. Smith" or "Sen. Smith". If there is a proper title or full name reflected on the sign or placard, or whatever else the Rallymasters have you look at to obtain an answer, regardless if it is used in the question, you must provide it.
  10. Photo Bonuses/Rally Towels (where allowed by the Rallymasters)
    1. Some bonuses will be designated as "photo bonuses". In order to earn points for a photo bonus, riders must take a photograph depicting the bonus along with their rally towel (unless specifically directed otherwise by the Rallymasters).
    2. Every rider will be issued a rally towel at the start of the rally. Each towel will be unique to the rider to whom it is issued. Lost towels will not be replaced. In the event a rider loses his rally towel, the rider may still collect photo bonuses if the rider's face clearly appears in the photograph along with the bonus item. Once this alternate method of collecting photo bonuses is used, the rider may not return to using his rally towel to document photo bonuses.
    3. Riders in the two-up class must insure that the passenger appears in every photo. If a bonus states "you must appear in the photo" then both rider and passenger must appear in the photo. Note these requirements are in addition to those set forth at Rule IV (10) (1).
    4. Rally towels are not to be disturbed, picked up, or otherwise tampered with if encountered on the course. If you come across another rider's towel, leave it alone. The other rider might be on his way back to pick it up, and he might be a bit upset to find it no longer there when he arrives. Disturbing a Rally towel shall result in penalties under Rule IV (2)(G).
    5. Unless specifically stated to the contrary in the bonus instructions, the rider's rally towel, including the number imprinted on the towel must be clearly visible in the photograph.


  1. Format: The rider has responsability for the operation of their personal camera. Digital or Polaroid images are allowed. "Ordinary" film (negative and slide) is not allowed. Riders may not combine digital and hard copy prints to be scored.
  2. Check-in: Prior to check-in, the media shall contain no images. During the check-in process, Rendez-Vous Rally staff will use the camera to take a picture of the rider with the memory card, remove the card from the camera, copy the picture of the rider from the card, and then return the camera and memory card to the rider.
  3. Media: All photos submitted must be on a digital camera storage card. Rendez-Vous Rally utilizes the IOGEAR GFR281 card reader. Make sure your card type is readable by this device prior to registration. Camera storage cards may be of any size memory the rider wishes, but only one card may be submitted.
  4. Connection: Rider cameras will not be connected to Rendez-Vous Rally computers or other equipment at any time during the scoring process.
  5. Size: All digital photos submitted must be of a file size less than 2 MP (mega pixels). Photo resolution should be set to less than or equal to 1600 x 1200 pixels.
  6. Date & Time Stamp: All digital photos are to be imprinted with a date & time stamp. The photo date & time stamp is to be set to the time zone of the rally start location for the entire rally. For purposes of this rule, "imprinted" means visually embedded into the image, contained in EXIF metadata, or reflected in a file system date & time stamp.
  7. Transfer: The downloading and viewing of images from the rider's digital media card to the scorer's laptop will be conducted prior to the rider sitting down to be scored. ALL IMAGES on the camera's memory card will be considered for scoring! Images not related to capturing a bonus will be penalized with 100 points. All the images become property of the rally. A maximum of 3 photos are allowed per bonus location for scoring. All bonus photos must be unretouched originals (no post-processing, editing, manipulation, alteration, cropping, resizing or enhancement performed on the original image) and no modification to the image data is allowed.
  8. Review: Up to three images may be reviewed for each bonus location. Extra bonus location images will incur a penalty of 100 points per photo.
  9. Scoring Format: Riders will declare to their scorer, prior to sitting down to be scored, which format, digital or hard copy prints, they will use to be scored. Digital pictures must be on a removable media card. Only pictures transferred to the rally's laptops from the rider's media cards will be available for scoring; no revisions will be allowed.
  10. Disclaimer: Rally Staff members are not responsible for any event, circumstance or situation that prevents them from viewing the rider's digital pictures. This includes, but is not limited to, power outages, computer crashes, or incompatibility between the rider's digital camera, the rider's digital media and the rally's media reader. Rendez-Vous Rally accepts no responsibility for photo storage cards that are lost, damaged, or in any way unusable. In the event that photos can not be obtained from the riders' photo storage card during the scoring process, riders will be tentatively scored a zero for unsubstantiated photo bonuses claimed on that leg. When time allows, a reasonable number of attempts will be made to obtain information off of the riders submitted photo storage card. If the judges deem the card to be unusable, the rider will receive zero points for all unverified photos.
  11. Right of use: Rendez-Vous Rally reserves the right to use submitted photos in future promotion of events or in any other ways it sees fit.


  1. Riders may arrive at the finish line early without penalty. Riders are encouraged to arrive early to avoid the imposition of penalty points.
  2. Riders who arrive at the finish line while the time penalty "window" is open may be assessed penalty points, as described in the rally book.
  3. Riders who arrive at the finish line after the time penalty "window" is closed are considered time barred and will automatically result in a DNF (did not finish) for the rider.
  4. Riders shall notify the Rallymasters if they expect to arrive at the finish line late, or do not expect to arrive. Riders will be provided with contact information for the Rallymasters. Failure to contact the Rallymasters will result in disqualification.


  1. Before leaving on your route, insure that the physical location description of each bonus matches your map. We do not intend to play cute tricks on you. If you cannot find each bonus on a map (or the city from which detailed instructions are given), either we made a mistake or you are doing something wrong.
  2. DON'T FORGET TO ALLOW TIME for each stop (gas and bonus). Remember that every bonus, even a gas stop, takes time. Don't forget to add in a minimum of ten minutes for every bonus - no matter how simple it may appear.
  3. If you get to a bonus location IN THE TIME FRAME SPECIFIED and it is unavailable (i.e. closed, burnt down, moved etc.), do your best to obtain a replacement item. For example, if you are told to buy a Pepsi at Joe's Café and Joe is out of Pepsi, buy a Coke. If the bonus instructs you to have breakfast at Joe's Cafe and Joe's burned down last week, go to another restaurant in the same town. If there are no other restaurants in town, get a gas receipt from the nearest gas station or some sort of business receipt from the same town. If these options are not available locally, ride to the nearest town and get a receipt. Document your attempts to comply with the bonus instructions, and advise the Rallymasters of your efforts. Caution: make sure that every effort is made to comply with bonus instructions before resorting to alternate proof. If you are the only rider who couldn't locate Joe's, you won't get the points.
  4. In order to receive points for a bonus, riders will have to successfully complete all instructions listed for the bonus. Our rallies reward reading comprehension. If a bonus tells you to obtain a gas receipt from Fargo, but you submit a photo of the Fargo city limits sign, you will not get the points. Similarly, if you are required to get both the receipt and the photo, just one of the two will be insufficient. You must claim the bonus in order to receive points for it.
  5. Don't forget to account for the weather, traffic, road construction and "leaf-peepers" when planning your route!
  6. Although we have several people visit each bonus location prior to the start of the rally, there are going to be things that will happen that are out of our control. Where possible, the rally will make adjustments as needed.
  7. No latitude is given for bad weather. This is part of the planning process you must figure out.
  8. No allowance is given for road conditions, including but not limited to road construction, traffic delays of any kind, law enforcement activities, traffic at bonuses and rally locations.
  9. If you render aid in an emergency situation, do your best to document your involvement. This will be given consideration by the judges. A fellow rider who runs out of gas is not necessarily an emergency.
  10. When route directions are given, please consider them ADVISORY! While much care has been taken to insure their accuracy, we cannot guarantee them. Please remember that these directions are included to save you time searching for hard-to-find bonus places. We may have mistyped a direction or turn. Please use common sense.


  1. No persons other than the Rallymasters shall have the authority to change or alter these rules. This authority has not been delegated to any staff members.
  2. Directions and instructions provided by the Rallymasters at a pre-rally riders' meeting supersede these written rules for this event.
  3. All disputes under these rules shall be resolved by the Rallymasters, whose decision shall be FINAL.
  4. Riders may withdraw from the rally at any time for any reason. Riders withdrawing from the rally shall not be entitled to any refund of entry fee.
  5. Riders shall report to the Rallymasters any rule violations of which they become aware. Riders shall cooperate with any investigation by the Rallymasters into suspected rule violations.

The Rules for the Rendez-vous rally are based upon the Uniform Rules of Team Strange Airheads. The Uniform Rules are the property of Team Strange Airheads, Inc. and are used with permission (thanks Rev. Eddie!...R.I.P.). Modifications to the Uniform Rules have been made solely to clarify the application of these rules to the Rendez-vous rally.