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2023 T25U25 Week 4 Summary

The bulk of the T25 is over, and the only thing left is the final four – no cores in sight.

PWHL Draft Lottery

Toronto picks second overall.

Gina Kingsbury is the new Toronto GM

Toronto has their GM.

PWHL set to play their inaugural season

The PWHL is a go! Details have been released today about the new, single and sustainable Professional Women's Hockey League by Stan Kasten of the PWHL board and Senior Vice President of Hockey Operations Jayna Hefford.

Maple Leafs grab another defenceman from the Ducks

Once you have John Klingberg, you might as well get his D partner too.

2023 T25U25: Week Three Summary

The third week of this year's top 25 brings us into the range of players that ordinary people may actually have heard of.

4 More for 34

Holy discount, batman.

2023 T25U25: Week Two Summary

The second week of voting shows a lot of agreement about who should be at the bottom of this list.

2023 Top 25 Under 25: Ty Voit is 15th

Sarnia is the oft-overlooked little brother, and Ty Voit is a prospect that seems to fit that role too. He's unusual for an OHL player in that he's American, and that means he has to really wow them back in Colorado Springs to make the national team.

Rodion Amirov has died

Rodion Ruslanovich Amirov was born on October 2, 2001. He was 21 years old.

2023 T25U25: Week One Summary

A reprise of the first week of the T25 along with the Community Vote Unranked and bottom six choices. Come see how you all voted.

Weekend FTB: An august season of ranking

Today marks the end of the first week of the T25, and the summary will be out later today reliving the first six placings and catching up with the bottom of the Community Vote list.

Maple Leafs sign Easton Cowan

The first round pick gets an ELC.

Maple Leafs sign Martin Jones

As expected, the Maple Leafs have added some insurance in net.

2023 Top 25 Under 25: Dennis Hildeby is 23rd

Overlooked in multiple drafts prior, he was a good use of a late-round pick, but the difference in early career between him and Woll is marked. Woll, part of the UNTDP and a member of Team USA since the U17 team in 2015, was on everyone's radar as a prospect, and Hildeby never was.

2023 T25U25: Mikko Kokkonen is 25th

Welcome to the countdown for this year's Top 25 Under 25 Maple Leafs prospects. The list opens with the 25th ranked player, Mikko Kokkonen.

T25U25: Meet the 2023 Voters

Happy T25 season to everyone, today you get to meet the voters for the official list. We had 10 people voting this year – enough to sand off some of the rough edges when calculating an average, but not too many that it becomes just the Community Vote writ small.

2023 T25U25: Unranked and Honourable Mentions

There is no dishonour in not making the top 25 on the list of Maple Leafs prospects. Most years, there's a fairly long list of people someone votes for, and the unanimously unranked players are a few about to age out and have burned up the hope that still clings to some of the others.

2023 T25U25: Departures

As you've noticed by now, if you've done the Community Vote, the list of players is very different this year. A lot of talent has aged out in the last couple of seasons.

Monday's FTB: Why is there a hockey tournament in July?

Come chat about the Leafs or anything else that strikes your fancy.

T25U25: Community Vote

It's your turn to vote!

T25U25 Ghost List

The Leafs began trading prospects and draft picks for roster players in 2016. This is the list of ghosts they gave away for short term gains.

The 2023 T25U25 is right around the corner

This year is going to be the most interesting T25 in some time. There are only two people on the eligibility list that were drafted in the first round: Timothy Liljegren and Easton Cowan. Conor Timmins missed by one, and the rest are a mix of free agents and later-round picks.

FTB: Somehow it's Monday

Chat about hockey! Or Mondays, it's all good.
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