Java to Kotlin Migration: Top 10 Apps That Trusted Kotlin

Top Mobile Apps Migrate Java to Kotlin

Java to Kotlin migration is not a new phenomenon. Top apps have already converted to Kotlin. Here’s a short read on how Kotlin programming language gained influence in Android app development market and a list of top apps that migrated to Kotlin.

In 2017, Kotlin was included in Android Studio 3.0 and since then there has been no looking back for this statically typed programming language from JetBrains.

Its popularity surged to a great length after it became an official language for Android in Google I/O, an annual developer conference, held on 17-19 May 2017. In June, according to Tiobe Language Popularity Index, Kotlin programming language jumped to 43rd spot from the 80th spot in the previous month.

A statistic published in the compares the growth of Kotlin before and after Google I/O.


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And the result was, within a year, Kotlin became the most favored Android programming language and Java to Kotlin migration became a buzzword in the mobile app development industry.

Many top companies converted their Android project to Kotlin, putting the developer community into the complex debate of Java Vs. Kotlin. In those debates, claims such as Java is dying (on Android) is not uncommon.

Before we come to conclusion, here a small list why Kotlin is preferred over Java in Android development and you will know why some developers are making these claims.

Why Kotlin?

Here’s a list that shows why Kotlin is the future of Android mobile app development.

  1. It is an open source, practical programming language that combines object-oriented and functional programming features.
  2. It has been dedicatedly built to help Android developers overcome Java programming challenges related to interoperability, clarity, and tooling support.
  3. Enhanced code maintainability that speeds up the development time.
  4. Lesser chance of application crash and system failure, as it works on a fail-fast compiler.
  5. Android developers are adopting Kotlin because it is backed by Google.

These reasons clearly state why Kotlin is being preferred by developers and the Android application development companies. Recently, some top app chose to migrate from Java to Kotlin. The list of those apps are as follows:

Top 10 Apps That Migrated from Java to Kotlin

Switching from Java to Kotlin has been the recent trend since it became an officially supported programming language to write Android applications. Here’s a list of 10 popular apps that made the decision earlier and now reaping the benefits.

  1. Gradle: Since Kotlin provides support for both IDEA and Eclipse, Gradle decided to convert from Java to Kotlin so that its users can get the full IDE support, which is crucial for refactoring to auto completion. Gradle is used developing Android packages and now the users will use Kotlin to write the build scripts.
  2. Uber: This highly popular ride-sharing mobile application-based company chose to Kotlin programming language to carry out its internal tooling processes, which includes Gradle plugins, annotation processes, and more.
  3. Pinterest: This popular Facebook product is one of the renowned names in the photo-sharing app market. The popular app migrated from Java to Kotlin and highlighted the benefits of using Kotlin programming language at Droidcon NYC 2016.
  4. Evernote: The mobile app designed for keeping notes organized is highly popular in the business community. It had recently integrated Kotlin in their Android client.
  5. Square Point of Sale: This free Android app is a payment platform for Android users. In 2017, it supported its mobile application with Kotlin.
  6. Corda: It is an open source blockchain platform. It is used to build blockchain networks by Java developers. It is a Kotlin app that provides smart contract technologies to businesses of all size.
  7. Simple Calendar: With this Android app, you can add Google calendar events to a WordPress site. Since Kotlin is backed by Google, the move from Java to Kotlin by Simple Calendar was natural.
  8. Atlassian | Trello: Trello has not technically migrated to Kotlin, but they are now using the Kotlin programming language for creating their new codebase. The old codebase has not been touched, which also reflect the interoperability of Kotlin language.
  9. Shadowsocks: This free and open-source encrypted proxy is used to surf internet privately in a secure manner. The app is purely based on Kotlin.
  10. Kickstarter: It is a global crowdfunding application that helps creative professionals like musicians, artists, designers, and filmmakers to find the right resources that could transform their ideas into reality. The Kickstarter app is entirely based on Kotlin.

Now that you know top mobile application-based companies have trusted Kotlin, you can make Java to Kotlin migration with much confidence.

Building a Right Team to Help Convert from Java to Kotlin

Android app development has now become easier with Kotlin. Besides the interoperability factor of the language enable the Android app development companies to write a new codebase in Kotlin, without changing the old codebase. This means app companies have two options, either they can migrate to Kotlin or they can begin developing their new codebase in Kotlin.

Make Your Development Team Ready for Kotlin App

To begin with, they need to find a right team of Kotlin developers with good experience in Java to Kotlin migration. Also, make sure your Android app development team is ready to support you in making a Kotlin app, as the migration has a learning curve.

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Hire Kotlin Developers

The other way out is to hire a mobile app development company with experienced Kotlin developers. The company helps you in managing a smooth transition from Java to Kotlin, delivering the expected result.

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