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Species writes FTBs, covers the Toronto Marlies, and has things to say about hockey media when he's not lazy. He is renowned for his pasta casseroles and capacious basement resort for hockey players.

FTB: Pre-season ends this week and the roster cuts are coming

The pre-season is now more than half over and the first big wave of roster cuts is coming.

Wednesday's FTB: The Leafs head to elephant country

The Leafs preseason continues today with a game against the Buffalo Sabres in the town famous for an elephant, St. Thomas.

Sunday's FTB: Maple Leafs hockey this afternoon

It's here! Pre-season hockey begins today for the Maple Leafs with a Sunday matinee game in Ottawa against the Senators.

Weekend FTB: Soon

We've had the kids go back to school, now the Leafs are going back to work.

FTB: Only one more sleep until Leafs-ish hockey!

Something resembling Leafs hockey is better than no hockey, right?

<edit day> FTB: Always check your drafts before publishing

Here is your hockey news for Thursday.

Thursday's FTB: If only summer got an extension too

Nothing to shake up the last week of summer holidays like a contract extension.

FTB: The last Monday of summer

It is of course not the actual last Monday of summer, but unofficially this is it.

2023 Top 25 Under 25: Alex Steeves is 14th

NHL, or AAA+? This is the season where we will know.

Monday's FTB: A hockey player from Arizona State joins the Marlies

The Marlies made a move yesterday and picked up an unsigned player from Arizona State University.

Monday's FTB: What were you doing 20 years ago at 4:11 p.m.?

Exactly twenty years ago today at 4:11 p.m. ET the power went out. Everywhere.

Tuesday's FTB: Let the numbered rankings begin

The Pension Plan Puppets Maple Leafs Top 25 Under 25 begins its 14th edition today with rankings #24 and #25.

Monday's FTB: If we took a holiday...

Just one day out of life, it would be... it would be so nice.

FTB: Friday News Desert

It's a news desert out there, and it's not even August yet!

Ilya Samsonov is awarded a $3.55M contract by the arbitrator

The ilya Samsonov drama is over. The arbitrator has awarded him a one year contract for $3.55M.

Friday's FTB: Bring on the arbitrator

It's judgement day for Ilya Samsonov.

FTB: Four days left until the Leafs and Samsonov go to arbitration

Like sands through the hourglass, so go the days until arbitration hearings.

FTB: The Leafs still have one other RFA to sign

Nick Abruzzese is still waiting to sign a contract.

FTB: Samsonov elects arbitration with the Leafs

The Maple Leafs have a salary arbitration case on their hands.

FTB: Free Agency day #2

We're back to do it all over again today!

FTB: So many to choose from

The Leafs picked a player who wants to grow up and be Mitch Marner.

PPP After Dark: The NHL Draft Round #1

The Leafs have the 28th pick. Will they use it or trade it? You'll find out several hours after the start.

Weekend FTB: One week to NHL free agency

This weekend is the calm before the storm.

FTB: Hockey Hall of Fame to announce the class of 2023

The next inductees to the Hockey Hall of Fame will be announced this afternoon and of course everyone has opinions on who those should be.

Weekend FTB: The sun rises on the off-season

The hockey off-season started with a bang on Friday.
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