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Adam Selvig

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  • Niagara
Adam has been with PPP for 10+ years and has lots of fan mail from Buffalo & Winnipeg. Covered IIHF, AHL, PWHPA, and CHL events for the site and bothered many prospects with bad questions.

FTB: Once again, CHL, I ask you to behave

Let's find something nice to chat about today, eh?

Preseason game 4: The Matthew Knies show

The Toronto Matthew Knies easily handled the Montreal Canadiens as we get past the halfway mark of the pre-season.

FTB: Can hockey coaches stop being embarrassing for just one week?

Chat about bad coaches, corrupt leagues, and the Maple Leafs!

FTB: The games-ish have begun

Your place to chat about the Leafs upcoming season for Monday, Septeber 25th

FTB: A draft occured, a camp begins

Chat about the draft from yesterday, the camp for tomorrow, and whatever today is.

FTB: An honour for Amirov

Your spot to chat about hockey, the Maple Leafs, kittens, cargo shorts, and the appropriate temperature for an outdoor swimming pool.

FTB: One of the last quiet weekends

It's the final hockey-less weekend around here, so enjoy it, hate it, talk about it.

Top 25 Under 25: Joseph Woll is 4th

The Maple Leafs are historically terrible at drafting and developing their own goalies. Will Woll be a Potvin or a Bibeau?

FTB: Finally. Summer is over.

Talk to us about why fall is better than summer.

FTB: Buffalo doesn't want us & PWHL events are happening today

Let's badmouth the Sabres and celebrate the PWHL!

FTB: The PWHL is taking shape

Your spot to chat about the Maple Leafs, the new women's league, and what your favourite flavour of Kit-Kat Bar is.

2023 Top 25 Under 25: Nick Abruzzese is 11th

Sitting just outside the top 10 is a 24 year old forward who played his first professional season last year.

FTB: Matthews signs, guesses for other extensions

Come chat about Matthews, Nylander, and our random guesses on contracts.

FTB: Jonathan Bernier retires

Sit back, and remember Jonthan Berniers career with the Leafs. Just ignore the lack of playoff games, or success, but hey we got Marner, Matthew, and Nylander!

FTB: Two weeks until September

Chat about the Maple Leafs and news, or lack of, in the hockey world.

FTB: A few weeks away

You spot for chatting with other smart, attractive, and gosh darn likeable Maple Leafs fans.

FTB: What to say?

It's a hard time. It's ok.

Weekend FTB: Vacation time

It's a three day FTB. You place to spend the long weekend chatting away.

FTB: No Gudas News for Toronto

You spot to chat about the Maple Leafs not signing Radko Gudas, argue about arbitration, and general nonsenery.

FTB: IceDogs appeal punishment, get a tiny win

A place to hang out, chat about whatever you want, and play find the spelling mistake.

Weekend FTB: Talk amongst yourselves

I'm taking the weekend off. Chat about the Maple Leafs and whatnot.

FTB: With Murray gone, who backs up Samsonov?

Come and chat about William Nylanders next contract, because that is what you should do on a nice summers day.

FTB: Defenders on the move

Stop and chat about the Leafs, NHL trades, or which Pokemon could beat Wayne Simmonds in a fight.

Weekend FTB: Dunn Deal

Only One Deal Was Dunn Yesterday.....

FTB: Tuesday!

This is the Tuesday Maple Leafs chat post. Enjoy!
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