Software development services for energy utility industry

Energy and Utility Solutions

End-to-end application development, maintenance and consulting solutions for businesses operating in the energy and utilities industry.

In the demanding industrial environment of the modern times, proper management, security and flow of information hold a major say.

Through reliable energy and utility solutions at Finoit, we are committed to satisfy all these inevitable necessities of small and big businesses to the core. We provide customized solutions that could adhere to specific clients’ requirements, leading to enhanced customer satisfaction and financial performance.


Rapidly evolving dynamics in energy & utility industry has set an array of stiff challenges for companies operating in this domain. Our reliable energy and utility solutions backed with experience workforce intend to assist such clients in overcoming certain emerging challenges:

  • Cost Control: Ensuring product safety, quality and reliability while keeping a check on involved expenditures.
  • Regulatory Requirements: Complying with changing regulatory and environment norms regarding health and environment, to minimize safety, operational and process risks.
  • Integration Challenges: Coping with conditions emerging after enterprise level changes or large-scale mergers and acquisitions.
  • Market Surge: Meeting the demands of ever proliferating energy and utility markets.
  • Crude Oil Demand: Slump in the demand for crude oil owing economic meltdown.
  • Knowledge Utilization: More emphasis on knowledge management, to capture and reuse it for business gains.
  • Information Management: The need for centralized information system with version control to avert delays in information collection, project approvals, etc.
  • Project Record Management: Feasible modes to manage details related to project deadlines and deliverables.

What We Offer

We provide customized energy and utilities solutions to enable our clients excel in their businesses, with improved supply chains, optimal asset utilization, etc. Some of our services that adhere to value chain in entirety thus include:

  • Enterprise Solutions
  • Enterprise Asset Management
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Business Intelligence and Performance Management
  • Product Automation and Design
  • CRM Solutions

Advantages of our energy and utility solutions & services

We help companies working in energy and utility verticals to achieve resilience, agility and dynamism in their business through our innovative and value added solutions. Seeking our services therefore could pave way toward rearing a wide range of benefits for them:

  • Slashed operational cost
  • Enhanced operational efficiencies
  • Better customer retention and satisfaction
  • Improvement in project execution, both with respect to time and quality
  • Compliance with regulations and environmental norms
  • Responsive and prompt IT solutions for improved industry operations
  • More flexibility and agility in client’s business

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