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By definition, legacy applications stand for obsolete software that is still very critical for the smooth functioning of a business.

These software are in desperate need of a change, so as to keep pace with emerging technology platforms. Migration of these applications to the latest technologies is hence the need of the hour, which is aptly satisfied by legacy app modernization services at Finoit.

Why Legacy Software and Applications Need Modernization

Legacy systems pose significant challenges for modern businesses and can significantly limit the enterprise’s ability to adapt and innovate. Transforming your obsolete business applications into a robust platform is thus a necessity as

  • Legacy apps do not operate in the manner anticipated or desired. Despite initial expectations, their functionality falls short and fails to deliver the intended outcomes.
  • The device-dependent nature of legacy apps makes them less versatile across different platforms, severely affecting their overall performance.
  • Heavy reliance on hardware leads to potential vulnerabilities, increased maintenance requirements, and reduced adaptability to evolving technological landscapes.
    Outdated UI components might hinder the application’s ability to resonate with modern users who are accustomed to more visually appealing and user-friendly interfaces.
  • The system struggles to seamlessly connect and interact with external applications or platforms, limiting its ability to exchange data and functionality with other systems.

What Happens When Organizations Don’t Go For Application Modernization

The reluctance or inability to modernize can lead to multiple negative consequences that ripple across every facet of an enterprise, as we see.

  • Reduced Efficiency: Over a period of time, legacy applications lead to slower response times, increased downtime, and higher operational costs.
  • Security Risks: Legacy applications might lack modern security features and patches, making them vulnerable to cybersecurity threats.
  • High Maintenance Costs: Finding skilled developers who are familiar with outdated technologies can be challenging and costly. The cost of activities including bug fixing accumulates over time.
  • Innovation Limitations: Your organization’s ability to adopt new technologies and take advantage of emerging trends is severely affected.
  • Vendor Support Discontinuation: Vendors may stop supporting older technologies, leaving organizations with unsupported applications.
  • Loss of competitive edge: You won’t be able to keep up with competitors who have embraced newer technologies, leading to a loss of competitive edge in the market.

Transform By Availing Legacy Application Modernization Services

Embracing digital transformation is a pivotal step in revitalizing outdated systems through legacy software upgrades. However, the process involves not only a mere overhaul but a strategic shift towards modernization.

By deploying cutting-edge technologies and adopting agile methodologies, organizations can unlock new levels of efficiency and responsiveness, which results in the seamless integration of innovative solutions.

Moreover, modern platforms provide enhanced scalability, enabling businesses to grow and adapt to changing market dynamics without the constraints of legacy systems, which not only optimizes performance but also builds a culture of continuous innovation.

To secure this advantage, you must build legacy modernization capabilities, which is possible by partnering with a legacy app modernization solutions firm. Through the partnership, you highly increase your chances of positioning your enterprise at the forefront of its industry.

Our Capabilities in Legacy Application Modernization

We help our clients replace the bottlenecks and redundant processes of legacy applications with more efficient, productive, and stakeholder-oriented solutions. Our core competencies in this domain include:

Legacy Application Re-Design, Re-Transformation, and Re-Engineering

Enhance the functionality, efficiency, and compatibility of your outdated systems with modern technologies while retaining essential features and data. This transformation will remarkably

  • Extend the application’s lifespan
  • Improve user experience
  • Enable seamless integration

Migration to Multiple Databases and Data Servers

Distribute and relocate data from a single database or server to a distributed architecture, composed of multiple databases and servers to

  • Strategically partition and replicate data
  • Enhance fault tolerance
  • Have a robust and responsive data infrastructure

Migration to Web Platforms

Transition to services, applications, and resources that enable users to access and interact with these offerings through web browsers, thereby

  • Fostering greater accessibility, convenience, and collaboration.
  • Eliminating platform-specific development
  • Future-proofing the application ecosystem

Same Platform Migration

Transfer or upgrade your system, application, or technology within an existing framework or environment without changing the fundamental architecture to

  • Effortlessly move data, configurations, and functionalities across instances
  • Maintaining compatibility and minimizing disruptions
  • Adopt updated features and security enhancements

Migration across Different Platforms

Transfer data, applications, or systems from one technology environment to another by adapting the necessary components, configurations, and integrations to

  • Seamlessly synchronize source and target platforms
  • Harness the new platform’s features and capabilities
  • Align with technological improvements

GUI Migration

Let your visual elements, layout, and user interactions function on a better platform while offering a consistent experience in the new environment, while seamlessly migrating the interface so that you

  • Follow the right design principles
  • Ensure code compatibility
  • Keep intact the core functionality of the application

Application Implementation

Meticulously translate the functionalities of the legacy application into a new framework while addressing any gaps, improving performance, and enhancing user experience, so as to

  • Streamline the complexities of coding
  • Integrate new components
  • Assure compatibility with current standards.

Application Training & Maintenance and Support

We train users and stakeholders on the newly modernized application, ensuring a smooth transition and maximizing its effective utilization. It entails the ongoing maintenance and support where we

  • Promptly address technical issues
  • Carry out updates to sustain the application’s performance
  • Empower your team to accustom to technological changes

Our Approach To Legacy System Modernization

As application modernization consultants, our role involves aiding businesses in revitalizing their outdated systems and improving the overall system productivity. We abide by competent processes and methodologies to upgrade legacy applications and make them convenient enough to be used in sync with the latest technologies. Our main steps toward this craved purpose include:

  • Legacy Assessment and Analysis: This comprises a detailed analysis of the existing legacy system that includes its limitations, processes, and dependencies that need a re-architectural overhaul.
  • Legacy Architecture Conceptualization: This step involves a detailed analysis of different levels of abstraction and interaction of the existing application. It assists us in design simplification and is followed by charting of analysis.
  • Wrapper Class Development: It plays an effective role in establishing communication between existing legacy systems and web-based applications.
  • Transformation to Web GUI: The final step of our legacy system migration methodology involves mapping of legacy UI with the web-enabled GUI, which is to be incorporated into the web application.

Advantages of Working With A Leading Legacy Application Modernization Company

There are many benefits of Legacy Application Modernization Services that you experience. These include:

  • Cost Reduction: Much reduced application operating cost
  • Easy Installation: Simple and quick installation of migrated application
  • Better Functionality: Improved functionality, adhering to contemporary business-specific needs
  • Enhanced UX/UI: Better user experience and appealing user interface
  • Client Satisfaction: Accomplished services, leading to maximum client satisfaction
  • Prompt Decision Making: Quicker and more efficient decision-making, paving the way for efficient business processes

Why Choose Legacy Modernization Services From Finoit

Intricate interdependencies in the legacy application and the risk of critical business processes getting disrupted during transition make legacy application modernization a challenging task. As an expert, Finoit steps in and helps you ace these challenges and smoothly move to a highly efficient ecosystem by:

  • Unraveling and simplifying complex code
  • Managing and optimizing costs
  • Permeating security across the process
  • Being vigilant of user experience

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