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eCommerce Web Development Company
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eCommerce website development company

in India and USA and with awesome team of eCommerce website developers; we help businesses build beautiful eCommerce applications.
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eCommerce Applications

We develop feasible eCommerce websites that could ultimately inspire your customers to visit your site repeatedly and rejoice some great shopping experience. In the run, we make sure to equip the applications with:

  • User-interactive Features
  • Intuitive and User-driven Design
  • All eCommerce features with multilayers categories, multiple payment gateways, custom tools and calculators, shipping method, offers and coupons and much more.
  • Safe and Secure Payment Gateways, and Robust Back-end Programs

E-commerce Website Development Solutions

While web stores are already a hit among the online shoppers, mobile marketing is also gearing up to dominate the world of electronic commerce in the future. Anticipating the voluminous demand of M-commerce, we have been quick enough to develop applications specially meant to be used on smartphones. This serves the twin benefits of:

  • Shopping Freedom: Allowing your customers the freedom to shop for your products anytime and anywhere.
  • Increased ROI: Enabling you to make exceptional monetary benefits.

Our Services

Finoit as an offshore eCommerce website development company provides a wide range of online business solutions in web and mobile space that include:

  • B2B and B2C E-commerce Solutions
  • Multi Vendor E-commerce Solutions
  • Professional Multi-store Solutions
  • Marketplace Solutions – With Different Models
  • Auctions, Online Stores and Shopping Carts
  • Payment Gateway Integration
  • Shipping Method Integration
  • Gift/Coupons/Offers and more
  • QR Code Validation
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3rd Party Integrations

The main reason behind visitors dropping the idea of e-shopping is the security concern they fear to come across during online payment. Our eCommerce solutions eliminate this apprehension and make your customer’s online shopping experience totally risk-free by:

  • Implementing Secure Procedures: Deploying safe and secure shopping carts and ePayment services exclusively for your eCommerce application or;
  • Payment Gateways Integration: Integrating the facilities of third party payment gateways e.g. Autorize.NET, PayPal, Google Checkout, Stripe etc.
  • Shipping Method Integration: Different shipping methods e.g. UPS, USPS, FedEx, Australian Post, Custom shipping etc.
  • Social login/logout: Social and business login e.g. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Gmail etc.

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Know more about our processes and methodologies

We have a dedicated eCommerce Website Application development team that will always tell our potential clients that there is no need for having a powerfull store online if there aren’t people who will buy from it. So, how can you start selling online? All of our past clients were able to achieve successful results simply because we have an approach that focuses on the 3 important pillars of online sales: amazing design solutions, functional and timely development, and in the end, a strong internet marketing strategy. With these three, any business organization looking to make money by selling online will have a much easier job.

Amazing website designs

A strong eCommerce store that has scalability can only be successful if it gets a lot of conversions. There is no point in having a cool ecommerce web application if you don’t have visitors that are buying. This is the issue on which our designers focus during the development stage. Apart from the fact that our designer team is creative and artistic, they also know what makes people buy something, what makes them leave your website with their carts full. We know which details matter and how to convince visitors with amazing designs to buy something. The first thing that we will do is learn about your organization, your target audience, competition, and the common practices in your industry. When we’ve acquired all of the knowledge needed for your market, we will come up with an ecommerce web application design that will make your visitors buy something. The design that we do here, at Finoit, a leading eCommerce web development company is not just for appeal; it also shows people that it can do things for them and help them easily get what they came for without any complications or issues.

Powerful and scalable ecommerce web application development

At Finoit, we rely on Magento and WordPress to deliver you with the best ecommerce solutions. These two are the leading platforms for ecommerce because they are the best. WordPress and Magento come with various features and options which other platforms have only with custom development. Simply put, you can have better features without any complications. Given the fact that both of these platforms are open source, it means that they have a community of users and developers behind them. This means more chances for amazing extensions and implementations. On top of that, finding solutions for problems is very easy, as someone has certainly encountered those same issues before you. Even if you are unable to achieve something, we will help, as our eCommerce store development team has a lot of experience in working with these platforms. Empower your online business with a powerful content management system, and you will be able to run your store and adjust it the way you wish to see it.

Strong internet marketing strategy

However, have you wondered how will you be able to make use of those great implementations on your site if you don’t have any visitors who will use them. No matter what you answer is, our marketing team at Finoit will take care of this for you. Our marketing team will work closely with the eCommerce website development staff during the whole process, and they will work on optimizing your whole website from the very beginning. An optimized site can achieve so much more. After they’ve finished doing that, they will create a marketing strategy that is compelling with all of the designs and solutions you have in your store. Given the fact that we will learn as much as possible about your business, we will know how to present it to your potential customers.

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