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Preseason Preview: Game 5 is déjà-vu all over again

This has all happened before, and it will happen again.

Preseason game 4: The Matthew Knies show

The Toronto Matthew Knies easily handled the Montreal Canadiens as we get past the halfway mark of the pre-season.

Preseason Game #4: the first Leafs vs Habs

The first of three in a row.

Preseason Game 3: St. Thomas gets the Sabres @ Leafs

It's the Hockeyville game in (not) West Lorne!

Preseason Game 2: Ottawa Senators @ Toronto Maple Leafs

Game two of preseason happens tonight

What did we learn from Preseason Game 1?

Don't call it a recap.

Preseason Game 1: Maple Leafs @ Ottawa Senators

Game one of the preseason is on today.

PPP After Dark: The NHL Draft Round #1

The Leafs have the 28th pick. Will they use it or trade it? You'll find out several hours after the start.

PPP After Dark: Saturday night Stanley Cup game #1

It's the Stanley Cup Final, Game #1. Talk about this, or talk about something else! It's a quiet weekend with a hockey game so let's enjoy one of these teams losing together.

Recap: Maple Leafs fight hard, fall to Panthers

Florida wins it in overtime. This is how it happened:

GDT: Round 2, Game 5 - Leafs vs Panthers

We know the Leafs can win an elimination game, they've done it before. That's just science.

Game 5 Preview: home ice advantage

Florida Panthers @ Toronto Maple Leafs 07:00 PM at Scotiabank Arena Watch on: TNT, CBC, TVAS, SN Another must-win. That fact cannot be lost on the team. Lose and you go home, same as the last game. You're back home, the crowd's with you, Union Station on the left, Maple

Recap: Maple Leafs live another day

The Maple Leafs and Florida Panthers played a hard, safe, cautious game that was filled with shots, chances, and incompetent reffing.

GDT: Round 2, Game 4: Leafs on the Brink

Are the Leafs really on the brink of a long fall, or are they actually at the bottom of a long climb? I don't think that's a question of pessimism vs optimism or realism vs hopium. I think it's a question of point of view.

Game 4 Preview: Win A Game, Leafs?

Toronto Maple Leafs @ Florida Panthers 07:00 PM at FLA Live Arena Watch on: ESPN, CBC, TVAS, SN Can you win a game, Leafs? Ideally I'd like four in the next four games, but at the moment let's just focus on one, eh? You know the stakes, you've been waiting

Devastated: Leafs lose Game 3 in overtime, trail 0-3

The Toronto Maple Leafs lost Game 3 of their second round series against the Florida Panthers 3-2 in overtime to fall behind 0-3 on Sunday night. Sam Reinhart scored the overtime winner for the Panthers, with Anthony Duclair and Carter Verhaeghe scoring the regulation goals for the team. Sam Lafferty

Game 3 GDT: Win the Game, Leafs

Toronto Maple Leafs @ Florida Panthers 06:30 PM at FLA Live Arena Watch on: TBS, CBC, TVAS, SN Here is our preview for this evening's game: Game 3 Preview: in Florida without Magic MatthewIt’s been a few (too many) days since Game 2. The bitter taste in my mouth

Game 3 Preview: in Florida without Magic Matthew

It's been a few (too many) days since Game 2. The bitter taste in my mouth and anxiety in my brain has been lingering for too long. Now it's time for a win, baby. Note the start time. It's a 6:30pm start for the Leafs in Florida.

PPP After Dark: The Marlies are playing to win and a catch-up on today's news

Cheer on the Marlies, laugh at the Canes and Devils, and commiserate here about why we can't have Knies things.

Round 2, Game 2 Recap: Leafs hoist with their own petard

The Leafs defence looked exposed and fragile in Game 1. And it also looked like it was on the forwards to fix that. Well. They fixed it all right.

GDT: Round two of round two

Join us to chat about the Maple Leafs second game of round two here.

Game 2 Preview: Mystery line changes expected for Maple Leafs

Now that the new round smell is worn off, let's get back to work beating the Florida Panthers. The Leafs played well in Game 1, and looked very dangerous on the power play, but late period struggles led to the game slipping away from them.

Maple Leafs drop game one to Florida

The Toronto Maple Leafs lost game one of their second round seven game series to the Florida Panthers. Former Maple Leaf Carter Verheaghe scored the game winner.

GDT: Maple Leafs vs Panthers

Come chat with us as we watch Round 2, Game 1.

Round 2 Game 1 Preview: Maple Leafs host the Panthers

It's a well-trodden path, but new to this New Maple Leafs team. The second round is where you find out if the naysayers were right, and your first round win was one of those random events hockey is famous for. The Maple Leafs believe they are where they should be. But so do the Panthers.
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