Car Health Diagnostic & Fleet Management Solution

Business Objective

Customer is a renowned name for its car entertainment systems and accessories, specializing in the design and manufacturing of a range of equipment. They planned a system that brings cars diagnostics and Maintenance on the user’s smartphones and facilitated a clear view of fleet to fleet management companies.

They wanted to build a setup which provides an ease in driving and maintaining vehicles. For that, customer introduced an OBD (On-board diagnostics), a hardware for bringing data of the vehicle on the cloud. Client was facing many challenges from their agency and wanted a new partner:

  • With prior experience in IoT space and fleet management
  • Who could understand, structure and devise system architecture leading to scalable mobile, web and head unit applications and sync them with OBDs
  • Who could develop a system that produce effective diagnostics and reporting outputs
  • Having rich experience in design and development of mobile and web application with Bluetooth
  • Who can provide long term development and enhancement support


The existing systems includes mobile application for iOS and android, head unit app, its admin panel and a web panel for fleet management. The primary requirement of the mobile and head unit application was to have an offline support and hardware connection establishment. Features needed from the technology ecosystem:

  • Vehicle tracking
  • Improvement in UI
  • Analytical data of vehicle
  • Server management and migration

FINOIT recommended phased approach to meet the requirements of client in developing the whole system.


In this project, the data of vehicles is dependent on a hardware called OBD. Once the OBD is installed in vehicles, it sends the data traffic to mobile applications (iOS & android), head unit (if available) and to the admin panel.

Another web application manages fleets. This web app is for users who have multiple vehicles and drivers. With this application, users can check the status of vehicles and analytics, driver assigned and vehicle condition.

To develop these mobile and web application, phased approach was followed and all these applications are being developed in parallel. We have delivered phase 1 for this, functionalities developed in this phase:


  • Mobile and head unit applicationApp establishes Bluetooth connection with OBD installed in car, receives data from it, process the data and shows appropriate analytics on the mobile. Mobile apps are available in iOS and android both. The application has following features:
  • Safety inspectionSafety inspection checks vehicle’s condition and displays result after completing inspection whether vehicle is in good condition or not. If vehicle has any fault, then it would notify about the fault.
  • Current dataRealtime data and Summary data of the current trip which includes:
    • Current driving analytics
    • Trip summary
    • Fuel consumption
    • Trip time
    • Mileage and other analytics
  • Driving data Graphical analytics of driving data which includes:
    • Fuel consumption
    • Mileage
    • Rapid increase or decrease
    • High speed
  • Maintenance: Maintenance records can be added in list which will further sends reminders for the same.
  • Driving history: Trip history of each trip is recorded and data is saved under this section. User can check the details of each trip from this section.
  • Contact list: List of contacts could also be maintained in the application notifications.

A high level information flows between the systems is presented in the illustration below:

Car Health Diagnostic

Phase 2 and 3 (ongoing)

  • Tire Pressure management system
  • Serial Port Communication
  • Integration of all protocols of OBDs
  • Fleet Management


  • A stable and scalable complete car health diagnostic solution leading to improved strategic positioning of customer.
  • Improved vehicle health with early warnings for defects and diagnosis.
  • Improved enterprise wide transparency and performance due to features such as route mapping and tracking and overall fleet management.
  • More sales for customer due to increased satisfaction of their product’s buyers.
  • More acquisition of dealers and distributors.

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