case study of budgyt software


Budgyt strengthens your entire budgeting process by eliminating the weak link – multiple tabs and fragile formulas- in one, easy step.

About Budgyt

Budgyt is a cloud-based platform designed to simplify the budgeting process for multiple P&Ls. Accessible entirely online, Budgyt replaces clunky infrastructure, intensive training and data integrity risk with an easy, one-tab solution that ensures you and your team can create budgets faster, more accurately and more reliably.

Pain Points for Non-Budgyt Users

Client had first hand experience with budgeting, and it can be tough. So the idea was to build a solution who could eliminate the pain points, make budgeting easy, and maybe even fun.

  • Labor and Time Intensive
  • Error Prone / Lack of Confidence
  • Data Integrity
    Lack of Version Control
  • Lack of Privacy,
    Multi-User Access
  • Functionality and Scalability

Budgyt Benefits

How does the platform enables CFOs to do more?

Multiple P&L’s

Multiple Profit & Loss statements
can be consolidated into a
central location.

Secure Connection

All connections use a secure
gateway. User specific permissions.
Eliminate accidental sharing of
secure documents.


We work with each client to find
the best package that meets
their needs both fiscally
and operationally.

Multi – User Access

Number of users depends on each
unique client account. Capabilities of
infinite amount of users to connect.

Tab Eliminator

No more tabs! Centralize your
reports and sheets.

Design & Development

The client had got the basic and non functional product when the collaboration started. We took the challenge, to work on it first and restructure the architecture and make it stable. Next step was to design and develop it in the way the client had envisioned it.

Budgyt Case Study


We had been developing the product with agile methodologies, where team works based on priority list broken in sprint plans and testing team continuously run unit and manual testing that product is working as expected. Client with his experience also plays a crucial role in user acceptance testing and had worked with team dedicatedly to make a great product.


We empowered our client with a strong, robust platform and from an idea it has been launched in SaaS model, where platform has been accepted by multiple restaurant and retail market chains looking to streamline their budgeting processes.